Stand planning: defining the model

Progettazione stand: definire il modello
19 September 2018
Comunica chi sei attraverso il tuo stand
29 October 2018

Through a material analysis of the architectural aspects of the Fair, the spaces available for exhibition are verified. Objective: to choose the stand typology that are most adapted to what we want to communicate.

The most common stand models are:

  • Standard stands (the simplest and cheapest), with 3 closed sides and a single open side
  • Cornered stands, with two open sides and two closed, placed for example at the crossing   between two lanes
  • Peninsula stands, with the three sides open
  • Island stands, with all four sides open, for great visual impact

In order not to worry about anything and to balance the objective it is better to trust an expert and avant-garde supplier: contact Special Stand and request further information to set up your stand

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